Lake Lewisville

Lake Lewisville was originally impounded in 1927 by the US Army Corps of Engineers to serve as a water source and flood control reservoir for the local cities. Originally the lake was named Lake Dallas. In the 1950’s the Corps of Engineers built a second dam and blew out part of the original dam to create the 29,000 acre lake now called Lake Lewisville.

Lake Lewisville is convenient and a great place to take the family.  There are many beaches, places to rent boats, paddle boards, camp out, and dine.  Click below for helpful information for planning your weekend at the lake.

Lake Lewisville

The lake has several different fish species offering anglers year round opportunities to fish.  Texas Parks and Wildlife does a great job with their stocking programs and provides yearly stockings for largemouth bass and hybrid striper.  The lake has a very healthy, and self sustaining population of white bass, black and white crappie,  flathead, blue, and channel catfish as well.

Catch a lake record and the trip is free!  Seriously..

Current lake records!

Hybrid Striper : 12.15 lbs.

White Bass: 3.14 lbs.

Blue Catfish: 63.12 lbs.

Flathead Catfish: 98 lbs.

Channel Catfish: 22.68 lbs.

Black Crappie: 3.13 lbs.

White Crappie: 3.50 lbs.