Welcome to Phill’s Guide Service!

Our Crew

Phill’s Guide Service is led by professional fishing guide, Phill Hurlbut. Phill has had several years of experience as a fishing guide on Lake Lewisville and Ray Roberts. Like many local fishermen, Phill got his start casting lines into farm ponds in his hometown West of Fort Worth, Texas. The love of fishing and hunting has been passed down by his father who regularly spends time with Phill throughout the year, either hunting or wetting a line. 

Alongside Phill is Captain Sean Prokasy.  Sean has been guiding with Phill for the last six years and is an excellent fisherman and teacher.  Sean is a very avid sportsman who shares the love of hunting and fishing with his two sons.  Sean is always trying new things and pushing boundaries to elevate his skills.  When Sean is not on the water, he can be found in the woods with a bow or a turkey call in hand.

Our Philosophy

For years, we dreamed of making top-notch, guided fishing trips affordable for everyone, and, with hard work, Phill’s Guide Service has made that dream a reality. Our no-frills approach to fishing guide service keeps our rates low, and that means you can afford to bring your entire family on the fishing trip of a lifetime.  We are the most economical choice for anglers wishing to take a guided fishing trip on Lake Lewisville or Lake Ray Roberts. 

We personalize each trip based on the skills and personalities of the group. We are in this business to build memories—one client at a time.  Phill fishes year round and is always patterning fish and scouting for your upcoming trip.

Our Equipment

We have multiple boats and also network with many other guides in the area. No group size is too large. Phill’s Guide Service consists of two boats. We have a well-equipped 2022 year model custom-made 24′ SeaHoss. As well as a 23′ Lowe Tahiti. We furnish your party with top-of-the-line rods, reels, and tackle. Both boats are equipped with the latest in electronics and top of the line equipment including Garmin’s new LiveScope system. It is absolutely amazing and is a game changer.

The only items you will need to bring are a valid Texas fishing license, cooler with your beverages and snacks, weather-appropriate clothes, sunscreen and, most importantly, a camera to take photos of your catch. We have a lot of people who ask if they can bring their own poles. The answer is yes, it’s not a problem at all. We have lucky rods also so we understand!

Phill’s Guide Service is fully licensed and insured.

Captain Sean

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